Monday, September 21, 2015

Strengthening the Bonds

Great news: we’ve just become an Organisation Member of the Drupal Association. BRAINSUM is already a delegating board member of both the Hungarian and Slovak Drupal association; this new membership proves our commitment to the global Drupal Community as well.

More than a Partnership
A membership of the Drupal Association has it's advantages in the community and for clients. First of all we can be up-to-date at all times with  DA News. The DA membership allows everyone to get in touch with other Drupal organisations much easier and, moreover, to develop new partnerships. With this in mind we are glad to be attending DrupalCon Barcelona as a Drupal organisation member company. We believe that open source is becoming more and more of a business advantage, making us a more preferable, reliable and accurate company to our clients.
The membership also can save us money on a variety of services and products from well-known and reliable companies.
By taking advantage of these discounts, our membership can pay for itself. Since we are using an open-source software the least we can do is support the community with our paid membership.

We hope that this will be a long and prosperous partnership with the Drupal Association.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


We are back from our summer journeys and working harder, faster and with more energy than ever before. The Brainsum team spent a really great time together in Keszthely.
We were the main sponsor of Drupalaton International Conference4 days, 113 people from 14 countries around the world
Read more about our experiences.

Márk Kiss's presentation
On the first day we held two presentations: Márk was comparing the form validation with Drupal 7, 8 and Symfony 2. Gergő was talking about how Drupal 8 has changed the way we template our sites, and what it's like to develop in the new system.

The best Cruise Party ever :) 
We learnt a lot, mainly about Drupal 8 and it’s specifications, but that long weekend wasn’t only about technical issues. Our Cruise Party was the highlight of the conference. We were sailing for two hours and the dinner was served on the ship as well. Great dishes were waiting for the hungry developers, such as beef stew, lasagne bolognaise, vegetarian risotto, Hortobágyi pancakes, strudel, fruits and of course a mountain of piled-high free beers.

We lived through the Saturday night fever at the Grill Party, which was awesome as well. Smoky chicken breasts and vegetables - yummie!  We really enjoyed it. Between two presentations we found some extra time to bathe in Balaton, not to mention the night swimming - just like in our childhood. :P

The A-Team :D
You have no idea what you missed if you weren’t there; but trust me, Brainsum was absolutely riled up by the Drupalatunning.

See you next year, guys. :)